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&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. >>> i'm rick folbaum. the nation is mourning the loss of betty ford. she died in california. she was 93 years old. president obama is saying she helped reduce the stigma surrounding addiction and nancy reagan praising her efforts to educate women about breast cancer. there will be services in california where she lived and then she will be buried alongside her husband in grand rapids, michigan. >> history makes a day in the bronx. new york city, yankee great, derek jeter getting hit 3,000 with a home run off of david price. he is the 28th player to have reach that milestone, if you can believe this he is the only yankee to become a member of that exclusive club. infant who caught the homerun ball gave it back to jeter who has gone four for four in the game. i'm rick folbaum. ee you 6:00 eastern. >> brett: welcome back to ten base to save the economy. there are more than 27 million start-ups and small businesses in the united states, they create the majority of the new jobs in america. how do we get small business gro
for a gunman who walked up to a parked car last night and shot four people, killing one of them. rick folbaum is watching the breaking news for us today. rick: unbelievable, this guy simply walked away after the shooting and one of the victims we're told, a 19-year-old woman who was pregnant, and you said there were three other victims as well, a 16-year-old girl, a 20-year-old man, and a 17-year-old boy, all of whom are expected to survive, and all four victims either sitting in or sitting on the hood of parked cars, three different cars in a neighborhood in south seattle, and here's the description that the police are giving right now, a black man, 6-foot one, in his 20s, stocky build, wearing a white t-shirt and black hooded north face jacket, his hair, in corn rows. there is a local report, we should tell you, that police have someone in potential, the potential suspect they're talking to, but anyone with information about the case is asked to call 911 or the seattle police homicide unit at 206- 233-5000, anonymous tips are welcome. again, a 19 yrl woman is dead after a man goes on a shoo
, at least 12 injured, one dead, and an unknown number of people still trapped. rick folbaum is on it from the breaking news desk. >> reporter: rescue workers are on the scene trying to reach those people still trapped in the rubble of this soccer stadium. part of the stadium's roof collapsed and while it was being constructed upon they were doing off season construction work. thankfully no gale underway or this place would have been packed with athletes and fans and as you can see from some of the pictures we've gotten the roof came crashing down on to the seats, where the spectators would have been had they been there for a soccer match. those trapped are believed to be construction workers who were there doing this work, it happened in the city about 100 miles or so from amsterdam. we're told that the work on this stadium was to expand it, to make it bigger. we've also gotten some pictures into the newsroom from the associated press and from twitter, showing the scene or the ground there, and you can see at least one person who was injured being taken away on a stretcher, again, people
in that crash. rick folbaum is watching for us, and we're hearing word of survivors? >> reporter: that's right, three people have been pull prd the wreckage, and it's amazing when you consider the devastation that must have occurred when this plane crashed into the mountainside. a military plane, a c-130, it went down in the southern part of the country. 78 people are dead. apparently, this plane was flying through a mountainous area, and the weather was not good. the plane said to have crashed into the mountainside, the state news agency saying there were 60 members of the military onboard along with 12 civil grabs and nine crew members -- civilians and nine crew members. again, 78 people are dead, but these early numbers tend to change, and there is a rescue operation, we're told, that's going on right now, so hopefully the number of survivors pulled will exceed that that we know of right now, which is three. as we get more information, we'll bring it to you right here on fox. back to you. jenna: sounds good, rick. >>> we certainly have a lot of developments to get to today, hi, everybody, w
-- % on monday. monday, of course, the same day a four-and-a-half month lockout ended. rick folbaum is live in new york city with this. they're expensive. >> reporter: they're expensive, you know, and it depends on which team you want to see play. the prices can go up to hundreds of dollars a ticket, but any concern fans might hold a grudge against the sport, well, forget about it. the lockout is over, and the fans are back, and as you said, jenna, ticketmaster announcing sales on its nfl ticket exchange web site were up 332% monday from the day before, 294% from a week ago. this is a web site where fans can swap and be sell tickets to other fans and, obviously, people not wasting any time looking to score seats for the new season that begins in early september. players and owners agreeing, finally, to a ten-year deal to share the billions of dollars in revenue generated by the sport, a lot of which comes from ticket sales. you know, a lot of these teams have to work quickly to sell their season ticket packages so there's no blackout, a tv blackout. teams have to to sell a certain amount of
for the texas governor? we'll take a look in our political power play just ahead. let's go to rick folbaum at wall. >> reporter: you tell us what story you like the best. we have three of them. we like them all. you can find them on the "happening now" home page. are you more interested in hearing about love letters that were written by michael gordan that have ended up in the wrong hands. these were letters he wrote back in high school. you want to hear about a guy found in his suitcase, a very strange story. there he is. and then we also have a story about a van that imploded, by itself. go to the "happening now" home page and let us know what story you want to hear about, and we'll have more of "happening now" after a quick break. dad, why are you gettit?t? is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholester. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪ jon: right now the mexican search teams extending a massive hunt off the baja, california co
for an america as an ideal, not as america as a practice. that is a wrap on fox news watch. i'm rick folbaum. take care. >> john: my guests say that is not true. i'm told political campaigns are worse than ever. >> campaigns have been taken to a whole new level. >> john: i believe what they say about me. is this new? you should hear what the founders said about each other. >> if thomas jefferson, rape and incest will be openly practiced. >> and what about regulate regulate. >> mr. gorbachev tear down this wall. >> and this is more to end the cold war. ♪ >> john: finally we're all taught that politics changes history but larry flint says sex lives just as much. >> private lives of presidents and first ladies did shape you on how things went. >> a politically incorrect look at history. that is our show tonight. >> john: what built the middle-class? unions i'm told you about unions landlords tell me when i confronted them about it, we built the middle-class they say. the head of wisconsin firefighters union. >> the middle-class would not be where it is today without the union. >> john: and th
. >> rick: i'm rick folbaum. topping the news on a busy saturday. anger and us from straying in the nation's capital. president and democrats accuse republicans of not wanting to compromise. and the gop giving it right back to 'em. >> i've been in this room with all the leaders over the last several weeks, for that matter the last several months. it is like two groups of people from two different planets who barely understand each other. it's remarkable. they don't want to cut spending. they want to raise taxes. >> arthel: power grids across the nation draining under the intense demand for air conditioning. the nation suffers from intense heat. we get the latest forecast. >> rick: u.s. loses a former military leader. while the world loses a troubled pop star. remembering former chairman of the joint chiefs general john shalikashvili who died today at 75. also 27-year-old amy winehouse who struggled with drug and alcohol for years. >> we begin with a fox news alert. major developments in the wake of horrific twin terror attacks in nor way at this hour, police reporting at least 85 dead at a
months ago. hello, everybody, on a monday i'm rick folbaum in nor jon scott. julie: welcome to a brand-new hour on "happening now." i'm julie banderas. rick: president wrapped up a news conference at the white house. he talked about the need to make a deal with republicans. the major sticking point right now taxes. he is pressing for a 4 trillion-dollar grand bargain, including new tax revenues of some kind and spend cuts that the republicans have been pushing for in exchange for raiding the debt ceiling. joining us now. julie: is the anchor of special reports bret bair. thank you for talking to us about this. this republicans continue to oppose any tax increases the question is what is the contingency plan? you asked that very question on fox news sunday this weekend. did you feel like you got a good answer? >> well, no, julie. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell wasn't ready to tell me what the contingency plan was. republicans may move forward with something like a dollar per dollar, you raise the debt ceiling by a certain amount and cut a certain amount, maybe it's $1 trillion.
with a hammer, then invited his friends to the house for a party. rick folbaum is looking into this. >> reporter: tyler hadley charged with brutal lee killing his parents, bludgeoning themselves to death with a hammer inside their florida home and having a party in the house while their bodies lay inside the master bedroom. he is a minor, a few months shy of his 18th birthday but he is charged as an adult, two counts of first-degree murder. he killed his mother first, mary jo and his father blake beating them with a 22-inch hammer similar to the one seen here. they then believe that he dragged their bodies into the bedroom, covering them with sheets and picture frames. some time later friends began showing up for a party that he had advertised on facebook. here is one of the kids who went to the party who did not want to appear on camera. >> he said, don't go in the back porch, don't go in any of the rooms, really, except his rooms, people were all in there, but, yeah, other than that it just seemed lick a regular party. >> reporter: someone who was at the party tipped off the police who showed
>> rick: hello, everybody. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm rick folbaum. >> arthel: i'm arthel neville. topping the news, a stark now warning to gops from senator john mccain not to repeat a key mistake from the past that led to disaster for republicans. >> rick: also casey anthony right now spending her last hours in jail and no doubt wondering just what she'll find when she gets out. we've got a live report from orlando. >> arthel: amazing story of recovery. some of the nature's most majestic creatures make their way to the big apple. >> rick: we begin with the debt crisis in our nation's capitol. negotiations on hold between president obama and congressional lawmakers today. instead, both sides taking to the air waves making their cases directly to the american people. as an important august 2 deadline fast approaches, molly henneberg is live from washington. hi, molly. so the president is pushing more of his you give a little, i give a little message today. what can you tell us? >> hi, rick. always nice to see you two. republicans are not real
>> arthel: hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville. >> rick: i'm rick folbaum. nice to be with you. thank you for joining us. topping the news this saturday afternoon, we're remembering betty ford. brand-new reaction to the death of an american icon and the shah -- who shattered taboos and got our nation to face critical issues. >> arthel: after severe storms caused trouble for millions of american, heavy duty summer heat moves in and keeps air conditioners on way up high. we'll have a live report on that. >> rick: also we'll talk about the nation's sputtering economy affecting millions of pet owners. "consumer reports" will be here with some great bargains to keep costs down without depriving man's best friend. >> arthel: we begin with the debt ceiling battle raging on capitol hill. president obama huddling with advisors today at camp david. before hold ago new round of high level talks tomorrow at the white house, hoping to find some common ground on the looming budget crisis, but with sharp divisions over tax hikes and benefit cuts, will we see the grand bargain that the preside
'm arthel neville. >> rick: i'm rick folbaum. glad you're with us. topping the news, time and options are running out in the nation's capitol as republicans and democrats continue to reject each other's plans for dealing with the country's debt. >> arthel: new information on what led a texas gun store owner to call the cops on an awol soldier who allegedly plotted another deadly attack at fort hood. >> rick: months after protests pushed our middle east strong man out of office, very few signs of democracy. thousands of protesters are signing off on military rules. >> arthel: we begin with the latest out of the nation's capitol, the debt showdown taking center stage, of course, as the clock is ticking down, down, down. the debates raging in the house and the senate. lawmakers are facing off over competing plans, trying to keep our nation from possibly defaulting on its debt. mike emmanuel is live on capitol hill. so much going on at the same time. let's start with this, see if you can tell us, there is a meeting with the president, the vice president that took place, ended an hour ago.
what's called caylee's law. we'll tell you what it calls for. >>> rick folbaum, also, now with our three hot stories. rick? >> reporter: that's right. this is you did, we report. which one do you like best? is go to the home page for "happening now" at here are your options today. we've got the unearthing of an old eighth century relic. what is that from? we'll tell you. also a police officer is safe today because of a good samaritan who saved his life. we'll tell you that story after this fiery crash there. the cop is okay. also the other option, the final one, football season. high school football season hasn't even begun, but it's already getting ugly. we'll tell you about a little fight that broke out on the gridiron if you decide that's what you want to hear about. go to the home page and vote. we'll have the results and the story coming up later on in the hour, and we'll have more "happening now" after a quick break. don't go away. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, to
bulbs. bill: "happening now" is in 11 minutes, rick folbaum is in for jon scott. rick: coming up on "happening now", the president as you've been saying getting set to speak to the country on the debt crisis in about ten minutes or so. we've got analysis with an all star lineup including bret baier out of washington and we want to hear from you. go to now, click on the america's asking tab and weigh in. also is the exclusion to cyber spying and crime a second internet? we'll have more on that idea. >>> and the story of the bible's bad guys, the historical facts that are being uncovered in the israeli desert, coming up at the top of the hour on "happening now". back to you guys. bill: we'll take that mystery right on, rick, thanks, see you soon. >>> getting breaking news right now out of damascus, we reported about an hour ago that the u.s. embassy had been surrounded by a mob for about three days, that mob broke into the embassy by use of a battering ram, they did not breach the husbanding complexity self, however, because u.s. marines on guard fought them b
the morning here. >>> also it's a move toward "happening now" and rick folbaum who's hanging out there down there in the newsroom. rick: good to see you, bill. more on the breaking news out of norway, this explosion right in the heart of os o low damaging the office of the prime minister. there is now one confirmed fatality. >>> also, the president talking about the national debt and taking questions in a live event in maryland. we'll have that for you, and we'll talk with senator john cornyn. and we'll talk with grover norquist as well who's in the headlines today, and we want to hear from you. go to click on the america's asking tab. we'll work that into the show as well. busy hour, two hours. bill: sure is. see ya, rick. stay cool, okay? >>> what's a little booze between babes, patti ann? [laughter] the creative theft and now the hunt for the perps, and there is one clue if you look very closely at that video. has to do with fashion. oh, don't move. [laughter] ♪ like many chefs today, i feel the best approach to food is to keep it whole for better nutrition. a
: scott rasmussen of rasmussen reports, thank you. >> thank you. >> heather: that does it for us. rick folbaum and arthel neville taking over. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow at 4 p.m.. the stronger the rapids, the more we loved it. took some wild risks when i was young. but i was still taking a risk with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more, and now i'm also taking lipitor. if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol, stop. along with diet, lipitor has been shown to lower bad cholesterol to 60 percent. lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patits who have heart diase or risk factors for heart disease. [ female annncer ] lipitor is not for evyone, including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor if y are taking other medications or if you have any muscle pain
. >> gregg: good to have you. >> great to be here. >> gregg: that's going to do it for russ. rick folbaum and arthel neville taking over. have a great weekend.
-year-old daughter caylee. welcome to "america live," in for megyn kelly this july 4th. i'm rick folbaum. >> reporter: the arguments were much like the rest of the trial. they were combative, and punctuated with recordings. here is linda drane burdick wrapping up the state's case against casey anthony. >> the way these remains were disposed of show complete, complete indifference to the child. it speaks volumes about how the person who disposed of her really felt about her. >> reporter: phil keating is outside the courtroom now there for all the action in orlando. all right, phil they have a lot of options here, the first one is capital murder which requires premeditation, and that is what the prosecutor wants. you were in the courtroom, you've seen this jury reacting all along, any thoughts? >> reporter: i would say this jury, and i've covered some trials through my career here seemed very a tentative throughout. at times at the end of the day maybe you'd see them rocking in their chairs. during the forensic evidence they seemed a bit bored. a lot of the jurors took down lots of notes. they are toge
afternoon, i'm rick folbaum with the stars and stripes over my shoulder. when you see you at the top of the hour, we're going to talk about the jury that's deliberating in the casey anthony case. is this case so open and shut that the jury could reach their verdict very quickly? >>> also, down in washington if no deal is reached in budget negotiations in the debt ceiling and cutting spending, is there are a chance the president could raise the debt ceiling without going through congress, that he could do it on his own? and would the supreme court let him do it? our panel will weigh in. >>> and an emotional visit back to omaha beach, more manty -- normandy, france, for a member of the greatest generation. we'll talk live with a world war ii vet about what independence day means to him. that's on "america live" coming up at the top of the hour. hope you'll join us. jon: as we celebrate america's independence today, we also honor the brave men and women serve anything the armed services here at home and around the world. making incredible sacrifices to keep the rest of us free. one of t
rick folbaum, we don't want to ignore him. he is over at the web wall for us. rick? >> thanks very much, jon. you decide, we report. we have three stories. which one do you like best? go to the "happening now" homepage at look at choices of the day. the winner of an air guitar contest. do you like to rock out at home? we'll tell you about that. also crocodiles caught in a very interesting way. that is your second option. or, lots of women dream of having superhero for a us had. this is not a story about my wife by the way i schuss mention that. we'll tell you about a lucky lady whose dreams came true. if you like the story cast your vote. we'll have more "happening now" after a quick break. don't go away. [ rge ] psst. constated? phillips' caplet use gnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally wityour colon than stimulant xatives, for fective reli of constipation without cramps. thanks. [ professor ] good morning students. today, we're gonna... it's the cleanest, clearest water. we find the best, sweetest crab for red lobster we can find. yeah! [ male announcer ] hurry
. jenna: hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. rick: and i'm rick folbaum if in for jon. the amount of money the government needs to borrow, what has washington tied up in knots. jenna: the president earlier calling this an opportunity for both parties to come together. >> so this idea of balance, this idea of shared sacrifice, of a deficit plan that includes tough spending cuts but also includes tax reform that raises more revenue, this isn't just my position, this isn't just a democratic position, this isn't some wild-eyed socialist position. [laughter] this is a position that's being taken by people of both parties and no party. jenna: tempers still flaring along partisan lines back at the capital. here's dan coats on the floor of the senate lashing out at majority leader harry reid a little earlier this morning. >> >> i guess we're all getting frustrated. it's 100 and some degrees heat index outside, and i can understand people getting worked up about all this sort of thing. but the future of america's at stake, and this majority leader is not allowing us to deal with it. jenna: at least
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)